Angel Policy

Pink Strawberry Craft Store is happy to be a supportive "Angel" Company. This entitles the owners of Pink Strawberry Craft Store products to use our designs to make projects for personal use or sell as handmade one-of-a-kind creations.

digital downloads and any templates, and the products created with them, are subject to copyright laws. When you purchase one of our products, we are granting you a broad licence to use them to create your own handmade, finished designs that can then be sold with a few limitations. You may sell your finished, handmade crafts, provided you do not violate any of the terms of this Angel Policy. The licence to use our copyrighted designs is limited by the following:

  • Each item must be hand-made. Mechanical, electronic, digital, or any form of reproduction or high volume manufacturing other than hand-made is not allowed. (This includes, but not limited to, digitising, photocopying, scanning, printing, and downloading from our site).
  • You cannot use our designs to create new digital designs to sell, share, copy or resell our designs as your own
  • You cannot sell transfers/DTF/UVDTF of our designs or print the designs and sell them as ‘ready to press’
  • They cannot modify the design in any form and resell or share nor make our images available for digital download, resell or redistribute them
  • You cannot upload file elements to print on demand web sites or sell our files on Amazon/Ebay/Etsy or any other selling site inc online marketplaces
  • Items are not sold for large-scale commercial gain. You may sell for profit a maximum of 50 finished products (i.e. cards, wall art projects, etc.) per design, per year. There is no limit to handmade items sold for charity, so long as they abide by the other restrictions in this policy.
  • It must be clearly stated that any crafts for sale are in fact hand-made and created by the seller and not by Pink Strawberry Craft Store. Each project should include: “Handmade by [your name] using pattern templates designed by ©Pink Strawberry Craft Store
  • Do not use Pink Strawberry Craft Store's designs to create logos, trademarks, or other brand identity.
  • Mass production of crafting components using Pink Strawberry Craft Store's designs is explicitly not allowed and considered a violation of our Copyright. Mass production includes, but is not limited to, the manufacturing and/or selling of bulk cards or cut shapes.
  • Items are sold or gifted as completely finished, immediately usable or giftable projects (i.e. the purchaser or recipient would immediately be able to sign the card or use it as a gift for someone else – no other assembly would be required).
  • Items are not sold or gifted in “kit” format that end users would then assemble themselves.
  • Scanning our designs for use in electronic cutting machines is not permitted. SVGs are included with PDFs for this purpose.
  • You assume all liability for your handmade creations.
  • A photo of your finished project made with one of our pattern templates may be used on any promotional media, however the unmade pattern templates may not be included in any photos, nor sold in any way.
  • Your handmade items may be sold online.

If you are still unsure, please email and we will clarify any of the areas in question. (

Pink Strawberry Craft Store may modify this policy as required.