Decorative Flowers Made On A Quilling Fringer

Decorative Flowers Made On A Quilling Fringer

Make beautiful papwer flowers for all crafts projects easily using a quilling fringer.

What you will need

Step 1

You can use the quilling fringer tool for 0.5 mm – 1 cm wide paper strips (quilling paper strips). Feed the strips into the device using the included tools.


Step 2

Pull the paper strip forward to the cutting blade.


Step 3

Turn the adjustment dial on the fringer tool to adjust the distance between the cuts. The highest position on the blade gives a wide cut spacing - the lowest position gives a very close spacing.


Step 4

After cutting on the Quilling Fringer, attach the paper strip to the quilling pen and roll it tightly. You can achieve different looks by first rolling the centre of a flower and then you glue on a cut strip. Glue the end and the under side.


Step 5

Unfold the flower.

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