Amusing Little Chaps

Amusing Little Chaps

Amusing little Chaps 

These little chaps on springs are made from pom-poms which are glued onto a spring. The spring is made from coloured bonsai wire. Use a glue gun when attaching the parts. Silk Clay is shaped into feet.

What you will need


Step 1

Roll a ball of Silk Clay. Attach small balls of different colour of Silk Clay onto the Silk Clay ball for dots. Twist a piece of bonsai wire around a pencil to make a spring and push this into the Silk Clay ball.


Step 2

Glue glitter pom-poms together and then onto the bonsai wire with a glue gun. Finally glue on funny eyes.


Step 3

Add the pompoms onto the wire and you have created one of your first Amusing Little Chaps. There are so many variations to make and please be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkstrawberrycraftstore


Lots of variations to be made, let your imagination run wild.

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